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After years of suffering from pain in my shoulders, neck, and lower back I finally sought help via physical therapy. At the beginning of my first session the therapist advised he was going to “work out the knots” in and around my shoulders. Thinking he would do this manually, imagine my surprise when he presented this hand held device with a large ball attached. Omg this massage wand works miracles on my back, shoulders, neck and lower back. It’s a well crafted machine that gives you an overall massage that takes away all of your pain. Wonderful to use after working in the yard, playing ball, or just need some TLC. It’s small enough to use on yourself if you live alone too! I definitely will purchase this as a birthday gift for my family. Worth every penny spent!

Leslie Becker

Very happy with this massager gun. It has several different heads that work differently depending on the area of the body or sensitivity of the area. I was involved in a car accident a few years ago and still have lower back pain. The smallest end on this massager does a great job of targeting the area with soreness and pain.

Laura M

I love this deep tissue massager! I learned about it while at physical therapy for my shoulder. I've been recovering from a fall which injured my shoulder. I've had surgery which has given me pesky scar tissue. My physical therapist uses this on my arm/shoulder/chest. I decided to just purchase my own massager. It easy to use and comes with a storage/travel case and many attachment heads. Not only is it helping my scar tissue, it's wonderful on sore muscles after a workout. My favorite is the pad of my feet. It's great after a long day on your feet. It's also great to use on the palms of my hands as it eases the aches of arthritis. The battery life is great and the multiple speed settings are useful for different parts of the body.

Susan E

There are a lot of options out there for massage guns, and I'm very happy we chose this one. This basically is the cost of one deep tissue massage, so I thought it was worth a try. It also seemed about half the cost of some other massage guns, and had great reviews. I had wanted a massage gun, but didn't want to spend $300-$500. We both cycle and run, and had been looking for something that we could use for deep tissue massages on our legs, IT bands and backs. I was surprised at 1) how light it is and easy to handle, 2) how quiet it is 3) how well built it is. It's much quieter than our old handheld massager. We can use this while watching TV and not disrupt the family. The attachments and case are all well made. It's also nice that it doesn't have a cord. It's easy to work this into a daily routine, and keep my muscles feeling much better. Overall, we're really happy with this purchase.


My wife and I recently became interested in purchasing a massage gun but weren't sure which one to purchase. We were able to try a lower cost model as well as the Hyperice Hypervolt high end massage gun. Needless to say we weren't super impressed with the cheaper model. The Hypervolt was obviously impressive and high quality but cost $300. We decided to try something in the middle. We just received the item and so far we are really impressed with the quality of the product. The massage gun appears to be high quality and it doesn't lose power as we apply pressure to areas during the massage. The product came with several differnt massage heads that have stayed plugged into the gun during use without issue. Looking forward to using this product more and more thorughout the coming weeks and months. Definitely a solid middle ground price point choice for people who still want a high quality massage gun without breaking the bank.

Jason Beatty