What is a massage gun exactly?

Massage guns are designed to aid in the increase of blood flow and the myofascial release process. These handheld devices use vibration and pulsation to apply concentrated pressure deep into your muscle tissue and promote fluid recovery. This form of deep-tissue massage can work knots and tension out of the muscles, while also enhancing your range of motion and increasing blood flow. Percussion massagers, when used correctly, can help reduce your recovery time and help relieve pain, tension, and soreness.

How do massage guns work?

The head, which is typically a ball shape, moves back and forth at a rate up to 3,300 percussions per minute. This rapid pulsation of the head is what creates the massage and vibration in your muscles, which helps to release the fascia and increases blood flow to the targeted area. The different heads come in different size balls, wedges, cones, forks, and cylinders and are interchangeable.

What are the benefits of using a massage gun regularly?

Outside of the general benefits of a deep tissue massage, many specific benefits relate directly to using a massage gun as part of your warm-up or recovery routine. Deep muscle stimulation has been known to produce the following benefits:

  • Release lactic acid
  • Accelerate muscle recovery
  • Enhance range of motion
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Ease soft tissue pain
  • Stimulate muscle growth
  • Improve muscle responsiveness
  • Decreased DOMS

Who are massage guns made for?

The great thing about these massagers is that they can be used by anyone. Whether you are a very active individual that runs, bikes, lifts, plays sports, etc., or if you travel a lot, sit at a desk, or are on your feet for long periods, a massage gun could benefit you. Due to their versatility, they allow you to target any muscle on your body and can be used in many different ways.

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